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How GroupGolfer Works for Golfers


Every day we feature one amazing golf deal at an extraordinary discount.


If you like it, buy it. If enough people purchase before time expires, the deal is activated. If not, the deal is off and nobody is charged.


Because the deal is only activated when enough people purchase, make sure to tell your friends and family!


Check back daily to be part of another unbeatable deal.

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How GroupGolfer Works for Businesses

Our efficient, risk-free marketing strategy provides you with a fast and easy method of putting a spotlight on your business, increasing brand awareness, guaranteeing valuable new customers and generating immediate revenue.

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GroupGolfer Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our clients and our vendors with a friendly environment that helps establish a mutually beneficial relationship. In doing so, we believe we can not only provide a first-rate experience to our customers, but also tangible benefits to our businesses as well — all the while serving to nurture and grow the wonderful game of golf.