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Frequently Asked Questions

A curated list of the most common questions asked of our support staff. If you don't find it here, you probably should ask us directly!


What is is a web service that offers discounted prices on golf-related products and services through the power of group buying.
Does it cost me any money to join
No, it is completely FREE!
How are the deals so good?
Our vendors exchange great deals for new customers, instant revenue and advertising on our Web site. It is a victory for both sides.
How can I suggest a business that would be perfect for GroupGolfer?
Click here to suggest a business to be featured on GroupGolfer.
When will you start offering deals in my area?
We go where the golfers are so be sure to let us know where you live. Be sure to tell your friends to do the same so we can start offering unbeatable deals in your area.


When do I get charged if I buy?
You will be charged after the minimum number of people sign up for the deal.
How do I get today's deal?
Simply click 'Buy' on the deal page before the deal ends and fill out the billing information. It's that easy!
Is my credit card information safe?
Yes. All of your personal information, including your credit card information is safe. We will never share or abuse any of your private information.
Why is there a minimum?
The minimum ensures that our vendors receive a guaranteed amount of customers in exchange for a great deal. If only a couple of people bought the deal it would not be worth it for our vendors to offer it. That is why everyone benefits from telling their friends to make sure the minimum is met.
What happens if the minimum is not met?
If the minimum is not met no one is charged and no one gets the deal.
What does "limit `x` per person" mean?
In the Rule Book, "limit `x` per person" describes the maximum quantity of vouchers that can be purchased under a GroupGolfer account. Each voucher is valid for one person, unless otherwise stated.
I missed the deal, can I still buy it?
Unfortunately you cannot so make sure you are signed up for our daily emails so you never miss another great offer.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards.
How can I see what I paid for my purchase?
While viewing your orders in your account, click the link below the image which says "order details." Here you'll find a summary of your transaction(s).
Can I buy gift cards for someone else to use? How do they work?
Gift cards may be purchased here. Then, the recipient will be given a code to redeem for the purchased amount. Once a gift card is redeemed, credits are deposited into the redeemer's GroupGolfer account, and will be applied towards any future purchases until they are completely used. Gift cards (and credits deposited through the redemption of gift cards) never expire.


When will I receive my GroupGolfer voucher?
When a successful deal's countdown has ended, your vouchers will be released into your GroupGolfer account. After they are available, you may access your vouchers by signing in to your account.
Do I need to print my voucher?
Yes, unless otherwise noted on the voucher itself, you must print the voucher and present it to the merchant.
How do I print my voucher?
Sign in and click "Print My Vouchers" from the menu, then click "Print" for the voucher you desire. At that point you'll see the voucher on the screen and all you have to do is click the "Print Voucher" button below.
What are these "mark as used" and "mark as unused" buttons and what do they mean?
These buttons are tools for helping you organize your used and unused vouchers. When you have redeemed a voucher at the course, click on "mark as used"; the voucher will be crossed off, indicating it as one you used.

If you did not use the voucher and only clicked the link accidentally, simply click on "mark as not used" and the voucher will no longer be crossed off. A voucher is never considered redeemed until it is presented at the golf course.
When can I use my GroupGolfer voucher?
You may use your GroupGolfer voucher as soon as a successful deal's countdown has ended and the voucher has been issued to your account, unless otherwise stated.
When will the voucher expire?
The expiration date will be stated on the voucher and in the 'rule book' section on that deal's page on our website.
Can the expiration date of a voucher be extended? Can an expired voucher be exchanged?
No, the expiration date for a voucher cannot be extended, nor can it be exchanged for another offer — even if for another offer at the same course.
What can I do if my voucher expires?
When a voucher expires, it does lose its promotional value; however, all expired vouchers are worth the amount paid towards the good or service at the golf course. For example, if you purchased a voucher redeemable for 18 Holes with Cart and a Small Bucket of Range Balls for $25, your expired voucher is worth $25 towards the value as listed on the offer. You would only be required to pay the difference.
Is an ID required to redeem my voucher?
Not always required, but be sure to have an ID available because the merchant may record your name and address to prevent fraud and counterfeiting.
Can I return my voucher?
Yes, we understand everybody makes mistakes so we will provide a refund of the purchase price paid by you within five days after the purchase of a voucher, provided you did not go out and already use it.
Can I give my voucher to somebody else?
Yes, they are fully transferable, unless otherwise noted, so you can give them as gifts.
Do I need to use my voucher on a specific day?
No. Most vouchers have an expiration date, but you never have to use them on a certain date unless specified on the voucher or in the deal's 'rule book'.
What if I don't use the full amount of the voucher?
You cannot receive store credit or cash back for whatever you don't use, so make sure you use it all up!


Will I receive a voucher for items that are shipped to me directly?
No. Because the product will be delivered directly to your shipping address, no GroupGolfer vouchers will be issued. Your order information will remain in the "My Orders" area of your account as usual.
Can products be shipped internationally?
In most cases, products can only be shipped within in the continental US.
Can I return the product I've purchased?
Yes, products and other items that are shipped may be returned as well. Items must be unused and in their original packaging, and any costs associated with return shipping will be paid by the buyer.

Odds and Ends

What rules apply for things like rain checks and reservations?
Because different courses and resorts have different procedures regarding (but not limited to) rain checks and reservations, the course's normal rules will apply.
What does "double-occupancy" mean in regards to stay-and-play offers?
Double-occupancy requires two purchased vouchers per room. Additional fees may be required for single-occupancy per the rules of the course.
What happens to my vouchers for an event after the event has ended?
Vouchers redeemable for a ticket or admission to a specific ticketed event have no value once the event date(s) and time(s) has passed. You can contact GroupGolfer Support for any additional questions about events.
Did we answer all of your questions?
If you still have questions, feel free to ask us and we will do our best to respond quickly.

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