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$20 for One Sure Putt from Sure Putt Golf — Choose Between Seven Different Colors ($43 Value. Includes Shipping!)

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Make more putts by reading greens with greater accuracy. Available in blue, red, purple, orange, black, silver and dark green. Arrives in a velour bag and gift box.

Sure Putt Golf

How many times were you sure your putt was going to break a half of a ball left, only to watch it stop a foot short, two cups to the right? Do you remember the last time you thought for sure you had to get it up the hill, only to realize you were actually putting downhill after your ball screamed past the hole? If all this sounds familiar, eliminate "green guesstimation" with today’s feature: $20 for one Sure Putt green-reading aid from Sure Putt Golf, a $43 value that includes shipping.

The Sure Putt is a unique way to read the slope and break on a green. This clever device shows any uphill, downhill, and left- or right-sloping break on any putting surface. Similar to a level you might find on any construction site, the bubble in the spirit level will move around the dial, revealing to you the direction of even the slightest break. If the bubble is located directly in the center of the dial the green is level — but we all know how often that happens. By reading the dial around the disc before you address your ball, you can free yourself to putt with confidence.

Using the Sure Putt is simple. Reading the location of the bubble in a particular quadrant on the dial shows you the path your ball will take on its way to the hole. The further outside the center circle on the dial, the quicker the slope. To make its use even easier, the Sure Putt's large, flat face is engraved with directions in every quadrant on the dial and is heavy enough to lay flat on the green even in windy conditions, providing you with an accurate read on every putt.

Best of all, the Sure Putt can help your game even when you don't have it in your bag. Continued use of the Sure Putt will train your eye to see the subtle contours that can drastically reduce your chances even on short putts. The more you use it, the better your putting game will be. Training your eye with the Sure Putt during non-tournament play, casual rounds or general practice will help prevent you from having to talk about the one-putt that got away.

For today's feature, you may choose between seven colors: Blue, red, purple, orange, black, silver and dark green. And to help protect the Sure Putt when not in use, each unit of the Sure Putt comes with its own velour bag and gift box.

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